Garden Club of Ramsey County's Calendar/News

2016 Calendar of Events

April 17, 2017 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Gerald Presley
Topic: Edible Mushroom Cultivation for Home and Garden
May 15, 2017 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Peter Moe
Topic: Sustainable Home Berry Growing
September 18 2017 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Lynn Steiner
Topic: Gardens of Paris and Loire Valley
October 16, 2017 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Julie Weisenhorn
Topic: 3 Case Studies:  Applying the Five Considerations of Sustainable Design
November 20, 2017 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Ashley Fox
Topic: Designing Holiday Tablescapes
January 15, 2018 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Rachael Ackerman
Topic: Growing Woody Cuts, Floral Cuts, Hops and Vines
February 19, 2018 GCRC Monthly Meeting
Guest Speaker:  Clay Christensen
Topic: Gardening with the Wild World in Mind
All members are welcome to attend board meetings of the Garden Club of Ramsey County. Minutes of meetings are available on request.
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